Custom Vinyl Banners Work Wonders for Pet Shops!

Custom vinyl banners are some of the best means of advertising for pet shops. But what you may not realize is that they can actually be used in a plethora of other ways. You see, pet shops need more than your everyday average advertising. They also need informational banners?

You may be wondering why, but the answer is quite simple: it saves lives. Pets, in many respects, are not only some of the safest animals, but they are also some of the one’s placed in the most danger.

Think of it this way: your cat, in the wild, wouldn’t be exposed to cars. Your dog wouldn’t be exposed to chocolate. These are why informational custom vinyl banners can help not only pet shops but also the owners to make a more informed decision as far as taking care of their pets goes.

Ways to use custom vinyl banners (besides advertising)

First of all, you need to actually look at the pets your customers might be interested in. Sure, dogs may be more popular, but almost everyone knows about dogs. You need to not only inform people about how to take care of popular pets, but also how to care for those that aren’t quite as popular.

Then, you may also want to use custom vinyl banners to indicate how much care a particular pet needs. While there are a few pets that don’t need a lot of attention, there are some that need heaps of it or else they get restless and start gnawing and chewing and causing mischief.

You may also want to provide a list of foods that pets cannot eat. For example, dogs and cats cannot eat chocolate, because of one chemical. However, since white chocolate doesn’t have said chemical, they CAN eat that.

Little things like the above are important for your pets’ health. And, as a matter of fact, you could fit all of these facts-per species, onto less than two custom vinyl banners. Pretty cool huh?

You can also choose any font that you like, any pictures, and pretty much anything else that you have in mind. If you are absolutely in love with a certain color, then you can easily have it put on your banner.

Not to mention that, if your pet shop has a lot of windows or a skylight, the UV-treated ink will help to keep it from fading!

For the best, quickest way to provide your customers with information, choose custom vinyl banners!

Places Where You Can Buy a Ferret – Pet Shops

Many people spend time scouring the web or asking other people for information about ferrets: what caring for them means, how long they live, what diseases can affect them, what they eat, do they smell bad and so on and so forth. And yet, most of those that eventually decide a ferret is the right pet for them simply enter the first pet shop they can find, pick a ferret they like and that it, they’re ferret parents. Well, not so fast!

Yes, out of the many places you can buy a ferret from, pet shops are probably the most accessible of choices (everybody has a pet shop nearby and that pet shop probably has one or two ferrets on display), but not all shops were created equal. There are a couple of things you should consider when stepping in a pet shop.

Chances are that the ferrets you find there come from a so called ferret farm, that is, a mass producer of ferrets. Think of poultry farming, where hundreds and sometimes thousands of chickens, turkeys etc. are reared for food, often in less than stellar conditions (to say the least). That’s pretty much what ferret farms are, except that they don’t raise ferrets for food, but for selling.

In contrast to the ones raised by independent breeders, ferrets from these farms will generally be smaller and sometimes even a bit more aggressive, but that doesn’t mean all such farms provide shoddy conditions or that a ferret raised there can’t be just as loving and playful as any other. It’s just one of those things I think you should be aware of when buying a ferret from a pet shop.

Here are some other pointers that will be useful when going this route:

  • The best shops offer a health guarantee for any ferret you buy. If a pet shop doesn’t offer this guarantee, don’t waste your time and money. Say thanks, but no thanks, and go somewhere else.
  • The shop’s staff should frequently play with the fuzzies (and in fact with all animals they sell). Playing keeps the animals socialized and this means a lot when you walk in to check them out because they already know how to behave in the presence of a human.
  • If you have reason to believe the staff is ignoring the ferrets, you should know that any pet you buy from them will probably not act as you’d expect once you bring him home. It’s definitely not something that discounts the animal, but be prepared for some extra socializing works and playing.
  • The people working at the pet shop should have at least a decent knowledge about ferrets. Ask a lot of questions and learn to spot when the person you’re talking to is clueless (this is when that ton of research we talked about earlier pays dividends).
  • Ask if they offer after-adoption support and try to stay clear of those that don’t or you might end up being sold a ferret that has problems.
  • Never ever adopt a ferret on your first visit to the store. You should visit two or three times to get a good picture of how consistent they are in their care for ferrets.
  • The cages should be clean and tidy and the entire shop should be lean and tidy itself. If it’s not, the health of all of its residents, not just the ferrets, are at stake.

In conclusion, yes, pet shops are a very convenient place to adopt a little fuzzy, but they also present limited options because, for the most part, they only have a few commercially bred ferrets. On the plus side though, the good ones offer a health guarantee and after-adoption supports.

Pet Shop Boys Biography and Top 10 Songs

When I was a kid I had heard the Pet Shop Boys on the radio whenever new singles had been released but it wasn’t until I was about 14 or 15 when I started to take more of an interest in their music. This was because I had never taken the time to listen to more than one song at a time. I used to chill with a group of dudes at my friend chicken’s house and he had the Discography album and used to play it and the more times I heard it the better it became. I have most Pet Shop Boys albums now and listen to them on a regular basis.

Pet Shop boys consist of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe and are a synthpop/electronic music duo. They have sold over 100 million records worldwide since their founding in 1981 when they met in a music shop in Chelsea, London. Originally they were called West End because of the area in London that they came from but eventually settled on Pet Shop Boys because a couple of their friends worked in a pet shop.

In 1985 the Pet Shop Boys signed to Parlophone, recorded and released the album Please in 1986 which contains some of their most famous hits like West End Girls, Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money), Suburbia and Love Comes Quickly. West End Girls was their first UK #1 and it went on to be #1 in Canada, USA, Finland, Ireland, Hong Kong, Israel, Lebanon, Norway and New Zealand. Disco which is a remix album of Please was also released in 1986.

1987 was a busy year for the Pet Shop Boys. The Single West End Girls earned them a BRIT award and also an Ivor Novello Award. The album Actually was released and they had some recording sessions with Dusty Springfield for the single What Have I Done To Deserve This. Another couple of massive hits off the album were It’s A Sin and Rent. The group also played on a special TV concert for the 10th anniversary of Elvis’s death where they played Always On My Mind.

Introspective was the album released in 1988 which also contained some of their most popular songs: Left To My Own Devices, I’m Not Scared, Domino Dancing and the single Always On My Mind. The Pet Shop Boys went on a huge tour of Hong Kong, Japan and the UK and it wasn’t until 1990 when they released their fourth album Behavior which had a different style to their more usual upbeat albums.

Since the release of Discography in 1991 which contained most of their hits the Pet Shop Boys have released several more studio albums and remix albums and have written and collaborated with many other musicians. The Pet Shop Boys have also changed their style several times, from the old style of Adidas Tracksuits to the new futuristic looks like in the single Go West.

Some of the artists who have worked with the Pet Shop Boys on music and video’s are: Liza Minelli, Dusty Springfield, Patsy Kensit, Mark Farrow, Barbra Windsor, Ian McKellen, Bernard Sumner, Johnny Marr, Boy George, Blur and David Bowie to name a few.

Some of their most notable albums are Please, Actually, Introspective, Behaviour, Very, Bilingual, Nightlife, Release, Fundamental, Disco 1-4 and Pop-Art and some of their most famous songs over the years have been: West End Girls, What Have I Done to Deserve This, Left To My Own Devices, It’s A Sin, Go West, Absolutely Fabulous, Bet She’s Not Your Girlfriend, Se a Vida E (That’s The Way Life Is), I’m With Stupid and Numb.

My Top 10 Pet Shop Boys Songs are:

01. Suburbia
02. What Have I Done to Deserve This
03. Left to my own devices
04. Jealousy
05. One Thing Leads to Another
06. One In a Million
07. Radiophonic
08. It Couldn’t Happen Here
09. Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)
10. A Red Letter Day

Sugar Glider Pet Shop – How to Choose a Sugar Glider

When thinking about getting a sugar glider for a pet, the best place to look is a glider pet shop. This is because a pet shop is most likely to provide particular attention to the animals, ensuring that they are completely healthy prior to purchase.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that just choosing any glider out of those available would do. It is crucial that the buyer is aware of what to look out for in the marsupial to ensure its health.

That being said, following are some tips on how to choose the healthiest specimen in a sugar glider pet shop.

Size and Appearance – Your pet should weigh around 3 to 5.5 ounces and measures up to 21 centimeters depending on its gender. Make sure that the animal sports normal weight and length characteristics prior to purchase. Like most furry animals, the coat of the baby glider should be thick, shiny and clean with their large eyes bright and clear.

Cage and Activity – These exotic pets can be very active and need enough space for exercise and socializing. Opt for the animals that are most active as this show that he or she is healthy. Check the cage in the pet station to see if it is well maintained. A good breeder would never let the animals live in an unkempt environment as this could become a health risk. The cage should be adequately sized, contains nest and more of a bird cage than an aquarium tank.

Check Credentials – Most pet shop owners have the right credentials to sell or even breed exotic pets. However, it doesn’t hurt to verify this information either by asking directly or checking the list of International Sugar Glider Association through their website. While there, it might also be a good idea to check if the state one is staying in is allowed to have these animals in captivity. Good breeders should also be able to answer any questions put forward by the buyer.

Food – What exactly is the pet shop feeding them? This is important as a glider has very particular tastes and only eats some of the freshest food types available. By knowing this information, buyers can simply continue the type of diet they are being given in the shop. Note that pellets are dangerous for these marsupials so if the seller claims that it is what they are being fed, try looking for a different pet shop.

Find a Good Vet Prior to buying any exotic animal. Make sure that there is an exotic vet available in the area. These pets may have some issues that only a vet would be able to solve especially since gliders are exotic.


Make sure to purchase more than one specimen from a sugar glider pet shop. These marsupials are actually very social creatures and would usually stop eating if left alone. Hence, be prepared to take care of more than one glider.